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Sony MDR-7506 Headphones
Key Features
40mm Neodymium Drivers
Closed Design
Swiveling Earcups
Single-Sided Cable
Coiled Cable
Soft Case
KSh 15,000 15000.0 KES
Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Circumaural Closed-Back Monitor Headphones
Key Features
For Studio Mixing & Mastering
Stereo & Spatial/Immersive Monitoring
Open-Back Design for Natural Soundstage
40mm Dynamic Driver, Neodymium Magnet
5 Hz to 80 kHz Frequency Response
Accurate High-Resolution Reproduction
Comfortable Soft Suede Earpads
24-Ohm Impedance
Durable Machined-Aluminum Build Quality
KSh 16,000 16000.0 KES
Sennheiser HD 650 Stereo Reference Headphones
Key Features
Open, Dynamic, Circumaural Design
Audiophile Sound Reproduction
Frequency Response: 10 Hz to 39.5 kHz
Acoustic Silk Attenuation
Highly Conductive OFC Copper Cable
Lightweight Aluminum Voice Coils
Elliptical Shaped Ear Cups for Comfort
Works with Portable Audio Devices
Compatible with SACD, DVD-A & CD Players
Includes 1/4" to 3.5mm Adapter
KSh 80,000 80000.0 KES
Sennheiser HD 200 Pro Monitoring Headphones
Key Features
Closed, Around-Ear Design
Soft Ear Cushions & Ergonomic Design
20 Hz to 20 kHz Frequency Response
6.6' Single Sided Cable
Includes 1/4" Stereo Jack Adapter
KSh 6,500 6500.0 KES
Sennheiser HD 400 PRO Studio Reference Headphones
Sennheiser HD 400 PRO Studio Reference Headphones
KSh 35,000 35000.0 KES
Sennheiser HD 300 Pro Monitoring Headphones
Key Features
Circumaural, Sound-Isolating Design
Up to 32 dB Passive Noise Reduction
Padded Headset for Prolonged Listening
6 Hz to 25 kHz Frequency Response
Linear Frequency Response
Distortion-Free Sound Reproduction
SPL up to 123 dB
Cable Design Minimizes Handling Noise
4.9' Single-Ended Cable with 3.5mm Plug
Included 1/4" Adapter
KSh 8,000 8000.0 KES
Sennheiser HD 25 PLUS Monitor Headphones
Key Features
For Mixing, Mastering, and DJing
Lightweight Design
KSh 26,000 26000.0 KES
Sennheiser HD 600 Circumaural Headphones
Key Features
Circumaural Audiophile Design
Computer Optimized Magnets
Aluminum Voice Coils
KSh 60,000 60000.0 KES
Sennheiser HD 800 S Dynamic Open-Back Stereo Headphones
Key Features
56mm Dynamic Transducers
Open-Back Construction
4 Hz to 51 kHz Frequency Response
Sound Absorber Design Preserves High End
Earcups Provide Realistic Spatiality
1/4" and Balanced 4.4mm Connections
Microfiber Earpads
Headband Features Inner Damping Element
KSh 270,000 270000.0 KES
Sennheiser HD 25 Monitor Headphones
Key Features
For Mixing, Mastering, and DJing
Lightweight Design
KSh 18,000 18000.0 KES
Sennheiser HD 26 PRO Headphones
Key Features
Designed for Broadcast Applications
Passive Noise Attenuation
ActiveGard Peak Limiter Protection
Changeable Cable & Cushions
Includes 1/4" Adapter
KSh 40,000 40000.0 KES
Sennheiser HD 300 PROtect Closed-Back Active Gard Studio Monitor Headphones
Key Features
Precision-Diaphragm Dynamic Drivers
Circumaural, Sound-Isolating Design
Switchable Peak Level Protection
Up to 32 dB of Passive Noise Isolation
6 Hz to 25 kHz Frequency Response
Thick Ear Cushions and Headband Padding
Foldable for Compact Storage
Detachable 4.9' Single-Sided Cable
3.5mm Stereo Mini Jack
Includes 1/4" TRS Adapter
KSh 10,000 10000.0 KES
Saramonic SR-UM10-CC1 3.5mm TRS to Two XLR Male Output Y-Cable for Wireless Mic Systems
Key Features
Connect Receiver to Gear with XLR Inputs
For UwMic9, VmicLink5, UwMic10, UwMic15
Compatible with LavMic Audio Mixer
Two Separate XLR Audio Output Signals
Connector 1: 3.5mm TRS Male
Connector 2: Two XLR Male
KSh 18,000 18000.0 KES
Sony WH-CH510 Wireless On-Ear Headphones
Key Features
30mm Closed Dynamic Drivers
Up to 35 Hours of Playback
Built-In Mic for Hands-Free Calling
Supports Smartphone Voice Assistants
Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Technology
Quick Charge Support
Swivel Earcups for Increased Portability
KSh 8,500 8500.0 KES
Sony WH-CH520 Wireless On-Ear Headphones with Microphone
Key Features
On-Ear, Closed-Back Wireless Headphones
30mm Drivers
DSEE Audio Restoration
Mic for Calls and Voice Control
Easy Pairing and Fast Pair
Bluetooth 5.2, Multipoint Support
50-Hour Battery Life
Custom EQ with Headphones Connect App
360 Reality Audio for Immersive Sound
Includes USB-C Charging Cable
KSh 9,500 9500.0 KES